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I've worked with the J9 VM team since graduating from Carleton University (Ottawa, Canada) in 2013. I have worked on MethodHandles and invokedynamic (Java 7), Lambdas (Java 8), VarHandles (Java 9), and I'm currently on the Valhalla expert group where we are working on Value Types and Generic Specialization (Java 10).

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Secrets of building a debuggable runtime: Learn how language implementors solve your runtime issues


New language runtimes appear all the time, but most of them die young. Failure can be attributed to different reasons, but an important factor is that lack of support can limit the community's and industry's willingness to adopt the new language.

Quicker development and improved serviceability allows emerging languages to overcome this obstacle. By building on the proven technology available in Eclipse OMR, language developers can get more than performance and stability; you also get tools that help you quickly debug your language runtime, allowing you to provide competitive serviceability.

From this presentation, you will learn how to enable Eclipse OMR's mature debugging features in your language runtime, and also how Eclipse OMR can assist with development and debugging.