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Cesar Hernandez is a Senior Software Engineer at Tomitribe with experience in Enterprise Java Applications. He is a Java Champion, Open Source advocate, teacher and public speaker. When César is away from a computer, he enjoys spending time with his family, traveling and playing music with the Java Community Band, The Null Pointers. Follow Cesar on http://cesarhernandezgt.blogspot.com/

Blog: http://cesarhernandezgt.blogspot.com/

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Managing Apache Tomcat/TomEE with tFactory


Between the wide sea of DevOps tools available for infrastructure management for Java Enterprise applications, a new Open Source project called tFactory is now available for managing Apache tomcat and/or Apache TomEE instances. During this session we are going to cover a brief comparison of current DevOps tools, the uses cases, features and the opportunity that tFactory brings to the infrastructure Java eco-system.

tFactory was recently awarded with the Latin America Ducke’s Choince Award’s 2016 and currently is another opportunity for the Java Open Source community to share and collaborate.