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From ConSol Software GmbH

Christoph is a senior software developer at ConSol Software located in Munich. He has worked in Middleware Integration projects for more than 10 years and has gained special interest in continuous integration. Christoph is the lead developer of the Open Source test framework Citrus and believes in automated integration testing with passion.


ssj Server Side Java

Behavior driven integration with Cucumber and Citrus


The concept of behavior driven development (BDD) is quite simple. Business analysts and domain experts describe how the application should behave using Gherkin (given-when-then) feature stories. Developers glue those specifications to automated tests. Can we use this approach when testing the integration of services, too? The talk gives answers with a combination of the frameworks Cucumber and Citrus. After a short introduction to both frameworks we discuss the concepts and see some code examples that demonstrate how the behavior driven approach fits to testing the messaging integration with Http REST, JMS and mail communication. At the end we will have an automated integration test with BDD and almost no glue code to write manually.