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Daryl Maier is a Senior Software Developer in the IBM Canada Lab and the OMR Compiler Technology Lead in the IBM Runtimes team. He has spent the past two years leading a team to open-source the high performance compiler technology that underpins much of IBM's compiler technology stack as part of the Eclipse OMR project. Prior to that, Daryl worked on the J9 Java Virtual Machine focusing on Java performance and innovative garbage collection and code generation technology.

Blog: http://www.ibm.com

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Eclipse OMR: a modern, open-source toolkit for building language runtimes


Java runtime technology has benefited from hundreds of person years of development investment over the last 20 years, resulting in a highly capable, high performance and scalable dynamic language with a vibrant developer ecosystem. The recently created OMR incubator project at Eclipse (https://github.com/eclipse/omr) aims to expand access to high quality runtime technology for other dynamic languages through an ongoing effort to restructure the core components of the J9 Java Virtual Machine. Rather than building new languages on top of Java, however, this project aims to unlock the inner workings of the JVM without imposing Java semantics to create a platform for building highly capable language runtimes.

This talk will introduce developers to the Eclipse OMR project: what it is, the runtime technology that has been contributed so far, promising projects that leverage this technology, active areas of development, and how developers can get involved.