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David Taieb
David Taieb

From IBM

David Taieb is the STSM for the Watson Data Platform Developer Advocacy team at IBM, leading a team of avid technologists with the mission of educating developers on the art of possible with Watson Cognitive Services, Big Data Analytics and Cloud technologies. He’s passionate about building Open Source tools like the PixieDust Python Library for Jupyter Notebooks and Apache Spark, that help improve developer productivity and overall experience. David enjoys sharing his experience by speaking at conferences and meeting as many people as possible.

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Developer on the Rise – Part 1: Blurring the line between Developer and Data Scientist with PixieDust


Ready to dip your toe into data science? Yes? But where and how do you start? Well we have an answer – Notebooks and PixieDust! PixieDust is a new open source library that helps data scientists and developers working in Jupyter Notebooks and Apache Spark be more efficient. PixieDust speeds data manipulation and display with features like auto-visualization of Spark DataFrames , realtime Spark Job progress monitoring directly from the Notebook, seamless integration to cloud services and automated local install of Python and Scala kernels running with Spark. And if you prefer working with a Scala Notebook - no problem! PixieDust can also run on a Scala Kernel - imagine being able to visualize your favorite Python chart engines from a Scala Notebook!

Join us for this workshop and learn how you can use this tool in your own projects to visualize and explore data effortlessly with no coding. As a bonus we’ll finish with a demo combining Twitter, Watson Tone Analyzer, Spark Streaming, and some fun real-time visualizations-all running within a Notebook.