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David Woodard
David Woodard

From Eurotech

David Woodard is a software developer in Eurotech’s global Everyware Software Framework (ESF) and Everyware Cloud software development group. These software solutions tie together fully integrated applications at the edge of a network (IoT gateway and programmable sensors) and business applications in the enterprise environment. David is an active contributor and project lead for the Eclipse Foundation Kura & Kapua projects, which are, respectively, an open source framework for IoT gateways built on Java and OSGi-based technologies, and a modular integration platform that aims at bridging Operation Technology with Information Technology. David holds a Masters of Engineering degree in Electrical Engineering from Portland State University.

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Visual Programming for IoT


In Industry 4.0, different types of isolated and optimized sensors, machines, and instruments of varying vintage will emerge as a fully integrated, automated, and optimized production flow, leading to greater efficiencies and changing traditional production relationships among suppliers, producers, and customers.

To address these opportunities, this talk introduces a Dataflow Programming Model suitable for Industry 4.0 solutions. A demo will be used to show how existing Modbus and OPC-UA technologies can be mapped to the Cloud using drag and drop programming. And it is all based on open source!