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Eric Frohnhoefer has been developing mobile apps since 2011 and has been working at Twitter 2+ years. While at Twitter Eric has worked on Digits which allows users to signup with phone number and Twitter Kit which allow developers to easily integrate Tweets into their apps. Prior to Twitter Eric developed software for unmanned aerial systems.


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Developing for the Rest of the World


Many businesses are looking for growth outside the United States and Europe. To capture these new markets dedicated engineering effort will be required. This talk will provide tips for developing apps intended for an international audience.

This talk will cover: - Process of translating app - Supporting RTL for Arabic, Farsi, Hebrew, and Urdu speaking users - Accepting payments in regions where credit card penetration is low - Performance on low end networks. Specifically covering Twitter’s move from PNG/JPEG to WebP.

The contents of this talk are derived from experiences at Twitter, interviews with app developers in MENA region, and Google Android guidelines.