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Erwin is a Software Architect in the Sogeti Java Center of Excelence. He designs software solutions based on open source technology and helps teams getting started with their projects. Next to this he is a certified Scrum Master and trainer of several Java courses. He also supervises graduates during their final thesis. Erwin likes to share knowledge by giving workshops and presentations.


web Modern Web

What Developers should Know about Design


Understanding design in our age is like being able to read in the Middle Ages, it gives you an advantage in communication. No matter how technically advanced your product is, design is what sells it. Unfortunately, not every project has a dedicated designer. Furthermore, to effectively implement graphical designs, it is necessary for a developer to understand why a design is the way it is. In this session we would like to discus a concepts like proportions, composition and color that can help developers understand design and employ these in those moments when no designer is available. This talk gives the developer some practical insights into the world of design which are immediatly applicable to his/her job.

lang Programming Languages

Building reactive microservices with Vert.x 3.3 and further


Vert.x is the reactive programming toolkit for the JVM. It provides a full stack environment for building microservices environments, using different JVM languages like Java, Groovy, Ruby and JavaScript. Due to its event driven nature, it enforces developers to think in components. It scaled beautifully, both horizontal and vertical. Vert.x is continually improving and the team is constantly adding new features. In this session we will look at the new features in Vert.x 3.3, which adds support for Service discovery, integration with Kubernetes, HTTP2 support and an implementation of the Circuit Breaker pattern. We also look at the future of Vert.x of version 3.4 and beyond.