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Gautam Singh is a Software Developer Consultant with more than 13 years experience. He has worked for clients like OfficeDepot, Walmart, AT&T to name few. Gautam is specialized in eCommerce and have helped clients utilizes technological changes to maximize user engagement and increase revenue.

Gautam is a wannabe entrepreneur and is currently working on his passion


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Finalizers - The not so good, the bad and the ugly


Finalizer (the Object.finalize() method) is a construct in Java which is as old as Java itself, still only few knew its huge side effects. In this talk we will discuss why finalizers are not always a good choice, its overhead on Garbage Collector and how it can be avoided. Using simple JMH benchmark I will demonstrate the performance overhead of finalizers.

We will also talk about my firsthand experience with finalizers where just by removing finalizers I was able to fix major performance issue in a webapp for a large retailer.