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Gorkem Ercan is a Principal Software Engineer at Red Hat. Gorkem has experience with working with a diverse range of technologies ranging from enterprise applications to building actual mobile phones. He enjoys using various technologies during the day and works with Java, JavaScript and C/C++ code on numerous platforms and runtimes. Gorkem is an avid contributor and supporter of open source. He is the project lead for Eclipse Hybrid mobile tooling(Thym) project, and Eclipse JDT language server and a regular contributor on the Apache Cordova, Eclipse WTP projects among others. He can be reached easily on twitter @gorkemercan and his blog is available at http://gorkem-ercan.com.

Blog: http://gorkem-ercan.com

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Developing Java Applications using Visual Studio Code


Visual Studio Code is an open source, extensible coding editor. In this talk, we are going to look at the techniques to build Java applications using VS Code. This talk will not only show how to get started with Java development on VS Code but will also provide hints on the various workflows and tools that you can utilize for building Java applications when using a lightweight IDE such as VS Code. Although the techniques described will be applicable to most Java architectures, examples on the talk will focus on building Java microservices.

We will also teach a breathing exercise that you can do at home to overcome the odd feeling of using a "Visual Studio" tool together with Java.