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Developer Advocate at Google for Google Cloud Platform, and PMC chair of the Apache Groovy programming language project.


web Modern Web

Binge-streaming your Web API


In a fast-paced fashion, to keep you awake after long University sessions, Audrey and Guillaume will set you up to create a Web API using Google Cloud Endpoints, and stream the content of the API in real-time with After a quick introduction to both technologies, they’ll build together both the backend and the front-end to interact live with the audience, through the Web or via a mobile app.

lang Programming Languages

What can you learn from thousands of source files in Github?


Github and Google recently released a huge dataset on BigQuery about all the Open Source code contained on Github, thanks to the data from the Github Archive project.

What can you learn from such a dataset? What about learning about the most frequently used dependencies and imports? What are the most common Exceptions being handled or thrown? Are there common programming mistakes that we can spot? Guillaume will show you some concrete examples from the dataset, with examples applied to the Apache Groovy language, to learn more about our programming habits and pitfalls.

And figure out on your own about your favorite language or framework usage patterns!