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From Square, Inc.

Jake Wharton is an Android developer at Square working on Square Cash. He has been living with a severe allergy to boilerplate code and bad APIs for years and speaks at conferences all around the world in an effort to educate more about this terrible disease.

Blog: https://plus.google.com/+JakeWharton

mobile Mobile & Embedded

The State of Managing State with RxJava


RxJava's use in building Android apps has grown rapidly! Combining and composing synchronous and asynchronous sources of data has become easy. That burden that remains is where to put the overall state of the application and how to handle its changes. This talk will be an exploration in how we can increase the confidence and determinism of our app state.

Because Rx isn't specific to Android, we'll look at state management approaches employed by other platforms and languages and whether or not they're appropriate to use. We will also look at how state management fits into application architectures such as MVP and MVVM.

Attendees of this talk should already be comfortable with reactive programming and RxJava's APIs.

lang Programming Languages

10 Kotlin Tricks in 10(ish) Minutes


Kotlin is new language growing in popularity as a complement to Java. Its major advantages and features compared to Java are immediately appealing. While it's quick to learn, it also has a lot of small and thoughtful parts which can be harder to discover. This short talk will cover 10 of my favorites with real-world examples. Attendees should come in having seen some Kotlin but looking to learn even more.