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James Drummond

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Passion for all things Linux and programming. I love automation and helping others.

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Writing/Running/Debugging Docker Applications with Eclipse Che


Eclipse Che is installed and ran as a Docker container. With some slight configurations to the Eclipse Che server when launched, Eclipse Che users are able to launch/debug other Docker containers containing their developed application from within Eclipse Che IDE workspaces. We currently use it in our own development cycle which we call Che-in-Che. We clone the latest source code of Eclipse Che from the official GitHub repository into an Eclipse Che workspace. From there, we are able to compile the source code and then use the compiled binaries in a new Docker container. Eclipse Che use of Che-in-Che allows contributors to quickly start/stop new Eclipse Che server containers with new binaries which improves the development workflow and speed. This presentation will cover step-by-step on how we use Che-in-Che and also give a short example of how to use Eclipse Che to run other Docker applications developed in the Eclipse Che IDE workspace.