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From ReportMill Software, Inc.

Jeff Martin is CEO of ReportMill Software, maker of developer tools for Java: SnapCode, an IDE for education and ReportMill and Java report designer and framework.


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Java for Education using SnapCode


Learning software development has become challenging due to the complexity of modern platforms. The best strategy provides a visual approach to get started, avoiding pitfalls of syntax, and transitions smoothly to a relevant programming language like Java. However, a good strategy also includes the relevance of being able to quickly publish, distribute and share work.

SnapCode provides a unique environment where students drag visual code blocks that are actually valid Java code constructs. At their own pace, students easily switch to traditional code editing with modern code-completion features so the tool doesn't become a crutch. Using a novel Java-to-JavaScript transpiler, apps can then be published to the web at any point. Other integrated tools, like a full featured UI designer and graphical debugging allow students to continue on to any level they wish to achieve.

This session is intended for educators, parents and students who want to rekindle the excitement of earlier days, when learning to code was a simple learning curve and not a cliff.