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Joe Darcy is a long-time JDK engineer who has worked on projects ranging over floating-point arithmetic, introducing annotation processing to javac, serving as the inaugural release manager for OpenJDK 6, leading the Project Coin language additions, and migrating JDK bugs to a JIRA system.


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JDK 9 Language, Tooling, and Library Features


Modularity support from Project Jigsaw is the largest change coming in Java SE 9, but many other improvements are coming to the Java programming language, related tooling, and libraries in JDK 9. On the language front, some polish is added to the Project Coin features and the number of uninformative warnings has been reduced. The javac tool can now accurately cross-compile to older platform versions and has improved attribution engineering to better support type inference. Javadoc is getting a search box, a new modernized doclet API, and HTML5 support. The libraries offer better process control, improved collections, and more-compact strings. Learn more at this session.