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Dr. Joonas Lehtinen is the founder of Vaadin - a Java-based framework for building awesome web UI easily as well as set of Polymer based web components library. He leads a team of 130+ engineers building open source centric developer tools and components. He is passionately fighting for simplicity both for the developers as well as for the end users and hopes that this helps people build better web apps.


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Project Hummingbird: Crossing Java with Web Components and Angular


The new Web Component standard, Polymer and Angular 2 have been transforming the web as a development platform. Are Java developers destined for building only the backend hidden behind a REST API consumed by browser-side apps written in JavaScript?

Meet the Project Hummingbird - a project that takes the best parts of Vaadin Framework programming model and connects JVM with a web-socket to Polymer based web components. Learn how Angular 2 based templates can be used to bind data models shared by server and client to DOM. See how it is possible to a get static page like load speed with server pre-rendering while supporting dynamic and instantaneous interactions of single-page apps.