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From Red Hat

Vert.x project lead, I work at Red Hat and I have been developing open source software since 2002.

Blog: blog.julienviet.com

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Better performance with HTTP/2


The HTTP/2 protocol is the latest evolution of the HTTP protocol addressing the issue of HTTP/TCP impedance mismatch. Web applications have been working around this problem for years employing techniques like concatenation or css spriting to reduce page load time and improve user experience. HTTP/2 is also a game changer on the server enabling increased concurrency. This talk will focus on the impact HTTP/2 will have on the server and examine how particularly well adapted the Vert.x concurrency model is to serve HTTP/2 applications.

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Vert.x: From Zero to (Micro-) Hero

Hands-on Labs

Vert.x 3 is a toolkit for creating reactive applications on the Java Virtual Machine. It takes the JVM to new levels of reactive awesomeness, enabling you to build scalable applications transparently distributed in Java, JavaScript, Ruby, and Groovy. And rather than having to choose a single language, you can mix them!

This workshop is a hands-on introduction to the development of microservice applications developed with vert.x. After a primer on Vert.x, the attendees develop an application composed by several reactive microservices interacting by using REST, messages, or RPC. The application uses a discovery mechanism and circuit breakers to ensure the robustness and adaptability of the system.