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Koichi is the leader and the founder of a Japan JUG, Kansai Java Engineer Group (KanJava). Web application developer at FURYU CORPORATION in Kyoto, Japan. He has over ten years’ experience of Java programming. He wrote several books on Spring Framework in Japanese and translated many InfoQ articles into Japanese.

Blog: http://jyukutyo.hatenablog.com/

method_archi Methodology & Architecture

“Purikura” culture in Japan and our web application architecture


Our web application contains more than one billion files of young Japanese women's face image. The photos taken with Photo Booth and are sent to our application through the internet. We use Java, Spring Framework and Oracle RAC as well as MogileFS, is open source distributed filesystem for storing images, . We had not expected that our application had so many images when we started developing. I will explain our architecture, mainly forcused on use cases of MogileFS and troubles we've met. And I also will introduce Japanese "kawaii" culture. "kawaii" includes "lovable", "cute", or "adorable" and the quality of cuteness in the context of Japanese culture. Many Japanese young women take photos with Photo Booth to become more "kawaii".