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Lars Wander
Lars Wander

From Google

Software Engineer on Google's Spinnaker Team.

cloud Cloud, Containers & Infrastructure

Deploying Docker Containers with Netflix's Spinnaker on Kubernetes and Titus.


Spinnaker ( is an open source, multi-cloud continuous delivery platform built by Netflix in partnership with Google, Microsoft, and others. At Netflix, Spinnaker powers over 4,000 deployments a day. With Spinnaker, you can easily automate complex deployment processes into repeatable pipelines that help you deploy with confidence.

Spinnaker works with multiple cloud providers, and it has first class support for Docker deployments. Google has closely collaborated with the Spinnaker team to add native Kubernetes support. Spinnaker is also used to orchestrate deployments with Titus, Netflix’s container cloud built on top of Amazon Web Services.

This tools-in-action session will walk through setting up and running a typical container deployment pipeline in Spinnaker. We will highlight features such as triggering off a docker registry push, automated pod updates, running docker containers as pipeline stages and much more through Spinnaker.