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Matt Raible is a web developer and Java Champion. He loves to architect and build slick-looking UIs using CSS and JavaScript. When he's not evangelizing Okta and open source, he likes to ski with his family, drive his VWs, and enjoy craft beer.


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Writing an InfoQ Mini-Book with Asciidoctor


Learn how to use Asciidoctor and Gradle to write a book that can be published as HTML, PDF, EPUB and MOBI. This session leverages my "infoq-mini-book" project on GitHub and shows how you can easily write a short technical book and have it published by InfoQ.

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How NOT to restore a VW Bus

Ignite Sessions

I spent 10 years restoring a VW Bus via five different auto body shops. In this session, I’ll share the lessons I learned and tips for restoring your own classic VW.

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What’s New in JHipsterLand


JHipster is an application generator that allows you to create monoliths or microservices based on Spring Boot and Angular. It leverages Spring Cloud for microservices and contains best-of-breed JavaScript and CSS libraries for creating your UI. In this session, you’ll learn about what’s new in JHipster. Possible topics include Angular 2, Progressive Web Apps, HTTP/2, JUnit 5 and Spring 5.