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Monica Beckwith is an independent performance consultant optimizing customer applications and systems running the Java Virtual Machine. She has worked with Java HotSpot VM optimizing the JIT Compiler, the generated code, the JVM heuristics and garbage collection and collectors. Monica is a regular speaker at various conferences and has several published articles on topics including garbage collection, the Java memory model and others. Monica led Oracle's Garbage First Garbage Collector performance team, and was named a JavaOne Rock Star. Monica also co-authored the 'Java Performance Companion' book. Monica was recently considered one of the influential women in Java and Scala.


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Garbage First Garbage Collector: Where the Rubber Meets the Road!


Garbage First (G1) Garbage Collector (GC) is going to be the default in Java 9. G1 GC has incremental compaction and your friendly-neighborhood stop-the-world collections. G1 also has a concurrent marking phase. After having worked with it for many years, Monica will share her performance work in helping customers achieve their SLAs with G1 GC. So you don't want to miss it!