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Senior Software Engineer at Tomitribe, author, international speaker a JUG leader at JavaBahia and SouJava and the creator of Easy-Cassandra. Otavio is heavely involved in the open source community, a member of several JSR Expert Groups, JCP executive member and contributor of JBoss Weld, Hibernate, Apache Commons.He has received a JCP Outstanding Award, Duke’s Choice Award and Java Champion Award.

Blog: http://about.me/otaviojava

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The First IoT JSR: Units of Measurement

BOF (Bird of a Feather)

With IoT it’s all about things and sensors. And when representing a temperature, for example, we normally have it as a float. But is this float in Celsius? Kelvin? This is one of the problems JSR 363 wants to solve: have all “real world” value and unit data represented in a standard way. This JSR is also very suitable for scientific applications, where data representation, conversion, and formatting are very important. In this session, you’ll see how developers as well as platform providers can leverage this JSR, coding a smart gas pump that reports its values by using Java standards. Come to meet JSR 363, Units of Measurement.