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Patrick has spent 7 years working on Google Ads Java server infrastructure and is now the Tech Lead of the Google Cloud Platform Java Tools group.


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Debugging Java in Production on Google Cloud Platform


Google has spent over a decade deploying containerized Java applications at unprecedented scale. During that time Google has built an ecosystem of infrastructure and tools to manage that scale but which are only available internally. With Google Cloud Platform we’re starting to change that by bringing this technology to you.

You can now consume Google Cloud Platform services with idiomatic Java client libraries, and deploy your application to our virtual machines, platform as a service, or managed : clusters. In this talk we’re going to introduce you to tools and libraries that make Java development on Google Cloud Platform as great for you as it is for Google engineers. We’ll show you how to deploy and scale a Java containerized microservice to a GCP based Kubernetes cluster, and finally how to debug it - in production - with Google Stackdriver Debugger IDE integration and dynamic logging statements. Tools that were first developed to diagnose issues in Google software running on Borg.