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Dr Peter Waggett is the Director of IBM's Emerging Technology group based at the Hursley Laboratory. The group is charged with accelerating the adoption of new and novel technologies. It performs this task through developing proof of concept and first of a kind systems to meet client requirements. His team is currently working with new computing platforms including Quantum computers and the SyNAPSE chips for a number of clients. He is an active researcher with many published papers and patents.

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New Computer Architectures : Explore Quantum Computers & SyNAPSE neuromorphic chips


As we move towards a smarter planet where everything is instrumented, interconnected and driven by intelligence the requirements on processing power are increasing. To meet these demands the industry is researching new computer architectures to deliver increasing power in smaller footprints and using less power. This talk will illustrate some of the new advances underway.

An example of an emerging compute fabric is the SyNAPSE neuromorphic chip. This brain-inspired chip enables sensory perception in mobile and IoT applications by implementing a low power scalable architecture. The most recent version of this is the IBM TrueNorth chip which contains 1M neurons and 256 synapses implemented using 5.4B transistors and consuming only 73mW. TrueNorth achieves this by challenging several requirements that constrain traditional compute fabrics including exactness of data representation, synchronicity of events, error tolerance, and energy/frequency optimization. As part of a cognitive hardware and software ecosystem, this technology creates new possibilities of transformative applications and devices with sensory perception.