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Robert F. Dickerson is a software engineer at IBM Cloud. Having written many end-to-end applications in Java, JavaScript, and Swift (on iOS), Robert loves being able to write his server-side code in Swift. He was one of the original developers that made Kitura, a web-service middleware framework for Swift and currently leads a team that builds applications and libraries that use Kitura. Robert is active in the open source Swift community and has given talks about server-side Swift at AltConf 2016, Try! Swift NYC 2016, and the Server-side Swift Year-Long Conference 2016. Robert holds a PhD in computer science from the University of Virginia. He blogs at and tweets at @rfdickerson.


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Developer on the Rise – Part 2: Being serverless and Swift... Is that allowed?


Of course its allowed - just matters how you do it. In this part of the workshop we’ll start with serverless: New cloud programming models enabled by serverless architectures are emerging, allowing developers to focus more sharply on creating their applications and less on managing their infrastructure. The OpenWhisk project started by IBM and now part of Apache provides an open source platform to enable these cloud native, event-driven applications. In this talk, we will provide an overview of serverless architectures, introduce the OpenWhisk programming model, and then show how to deploy an OpenWhisk application on IBM Bluemix OpenWhisk.

Then we’ll get Swift! It’s not only a language you turn to to build your iOS application, but it can also be the language you can use to build your backend. This part of the workshop will use a text-based adventure game called "GameOn" as an example for building a Server-side Swift App.

Topics include:

• How to create a web service using the IBM Kitura web framework • How to integrate the Watson SDK for Swift into your application • How to dockerize your Swift application and deploy it to Bluemix