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Robert Field is the lead engineer on the JShell project, he previously worked on the design and compiler/runtime implementation of Lambda expressions for the Java language (JDK8). Robert lead the JavaFX Script compiler project. He was Specification Lead for JSR-163: Java Platform Profiling Architecture which included the creation of the java.lang.instrument package and JVM Tool Interface (JVMTI). He was the architect and lead of the Java Platform Debugger Architecture (JPDA) which includes the Java Debug Interface (JDI), the Java Debug Wire Protocol (JDWP), and the JVM Debug Interface (JVMDI). He invented Doclets for javadoc.


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JShell: An Interactive Shell for the Java Platform


Read-eval-print loops (REPLs) have emerged as powerful tools for learning and prototyping. JShell brings this power to the Java platform for JDK 9. Tightly integrated with the Java compiler and virtual machine, JShell enhances the programming experience for the Java language. Attend this session to learn how to use JShell to explore new APIs, prototype code, or learn the Java language. Interactively explore new features of JDK 9.