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Ryan Sonnenberg
Ryan Sonnenberg

From Uber

Ryan Sonnenberg has been writing Java software for 10 years. In that time he has worked across a variety of stacks, from backend to frontend. Presently he works at Uber running the static analysis stack for the Android code base.

method_archi Methodology & Architecture

Building at Uber scale


Working on large scale android projects opens up issues, traditionally not seen at smaller scales. These issues stem from rapidly growing code size, expanding build times, and dissemination of configuration and coding practices. At Uber, we are able to overcome many of these problems and ship with high confidence, through moving off of traditional build systems and detecting common anti patterns, as they arise. In this talk, Ryan will showcase the improvements we have made to traditional tools like lint and checkstyle, as well as how we translated common anti patterns into codified rules that are enforced at compile time.