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Sarah is a senior developer with over 15 years' experience in the industry. Initially a server-side Java developer working across web stacks, she has branched out into multiple technologies. She is an Agile evangelist and enjoys taking the 10,000ft view of development and IT projects.


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The Monster coming over the Hill - Enterprise Coding is Dead


Recently within Capgemini, we took part in an exercise to try and understand why the development community is so big on sharing knowledge, compared with other communities. The kudos you get from sharing code has a greater value to your career than the code itself. With sites like Stack Exchange, you can download every snippet of code you’ll ever need. Add this to the Open Source movement, and the growing number of products which generate code from diagrams and GUIs, and there’s a scary conclusion to be drawn:


So, what is it that IS of value in what we do? Through a study of IT projects that didn’t require any code to be written at all, I’ll try and distil the skills that underly our job description as developers.