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Scott Carrier
Scott Carrier

From IBM

Scott is Squad Leader for the Watson Health Annotator for Clinical Data (ACD) Service. A 15-year veteran of IBM, Scott joined the Watson Group back in December of 2011. Prior to his work in Watson Health services, Scott was NLP Lead for client solutions. Scott was recently designated an IBM Master Inventor with several patents to his name in the cognitive computing space. Last but not least, Scott is a proud father of two awesome kids with a third on the way and loves getting them excited about technology.

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Bits, Bytes and Brains - Where Watson Is and Where its going?


Watson has come a long way since the Jeopardy! win in 2011 and the journey continues. As IBM has emerged as a cognitive solutions and cloud platform company, Watson has evolved into the cognitive platform for IBM. In the early days of Watson, many of our solutions were both on-premise and monolithic in nature. This had to change. We've embarked on a journey towards a more nimble microservice architecture with a continuous delivery model. We would like to share with you a microcosm of our journey in the evolution of NLP (Natural Language Processing) microservices and applying them to Healthcare. What problems have we solved? What benefits have we seen? What are the challenges ahead?

We will demonstrate an analytic NLP Pipeline, with ability to define sequential or asynchronous analytic flows, and the ability to configure the behavior of an analytic, the NLP pipeline service is a key component of our adaptable NLP service strategy within Watson Health.

We will work our way from NLP microservices to their use in our Watson for Oncology offering, demonstrating the pluggable architecture we have built for Watson Health

Please join us and connect with us at the conference.