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Sean Wiley
Sean Wiley

From Caucho Technology

Sean Wiley is the Technical Evangelist and Senior Sales Engineer for Caucho Technology. Sean engages with both the sales and engineering teams to facilitate adaption of technology. He provides technical training, documentation, and implementation details for clients. Previous to Caucho, Sean worked as an IT Analyst at Cisco and Database Programmer for the Scripps Institution of Oceanography. He holds a B.S. in Computer Science from the University of California San Diego.


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Operational Service Views - Reactive Web Programming with Baratine


Asynchronous and non-blocking execution is a highly coveted attribute of high volume web services. Server side web services strive to make contractual agreements upon interface based APIs to other services, assuming their environments to be highly-available, recoverable, & loosely-coupled. However these attributes are often in direct disagreement with an APIs implementation given: (1) the underlying multi-threaded libraries an API must rely upon and (2) the outside data source whose assets must be operated upon before an API can complete.

In this talk I introduce Baratine, an asynchronous web framework with an improved thread and data execution model. By only accessing data for a particular service on a single thread, Baratine provides an authoritative owner of data services to be operated on continuously, solving both (1) & (2) sources of the aforementioned bottleneck.

These services can persist no state operating entirely in-memory, persist to Baratine’s internal reactive document-style database or choose to persist to a traditional outside datasource. In this talk I will cover many use cases integrating Baratine with JEE.