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Core developer for the Gradle build tool. I also help organizations migrate to Gradle or improve their software delivery process.


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Composite Builds with Gradle


Are you tired of publishing a library to your local repository just to check whether your change fixed that elusive bug in the application? Are you working on a mono-repo and wish you could import just a small part of it into your IDE? Would you like your projects to automatically react to other projects being checked out next to them? Then you should learn about Gradle's new Composite Build feature.

Composite Builds allow you to combine multiple independent Gradle builds into a single one. Binary dependencies are automatically replaced with project dependencies. When you make a change to an upstream component, it is immediately visible to its dependents. You can import composite builds into the IDE and work on them as if you were looking at a single code base.

Composite builds also make it easy to split a large mono-repo into smaller parts that can be worked on individually. This makes the migration path toward separated repositories simple. And thanks to Gradle's rich DSL, you can compose builds dynamically.

Don't let your repository structure dictate how you work!