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Stévan Le Meur is a Product Manager at Codenvy. With a background as a developer, he is driven by the belief that great applications should be built in exceptional development environments. He brings this passion to his work on the Codenvy IDE, where his attention to detail is put to good use in creating great developer experiences.


cloud Cloud, Containers & Infrastructure

Introduction to Eclipse Che


Eclipse Che introduces a new kind of workspace that is composed of projects and runtimes. This approach improves agile workflow and allows fast bootstrapping of developers. Eclipse Che can run locally or in the cloud which allow to scale the resources on-demand and benefit from high performances and resources.

In this session, we will explain how to setup a workspace cloud in Eclipse Che, how to create the environments using Docker, configure the tools that you need and register a set of commands to be executed in that workspace. We will show you how you can benefits from the workspace portability to easily share it onto another Che or to the cloud.

This session will also cover how Eclipse Che is providing support and intellisense for all the languages and explain the work did on the Language Server Protocol. The Language Server Protocol is a communication protocol between a tool and a Language Server than run all code analysis and operations