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Tyler Jewell is CEO of Codenvy and project lead for Eclipse Che, the next-generation Eclipse IDE. He is also a partner with Toba Capital where he makes developer-related investments including WSO2, Sauce Labs, ShiftMobility, ZeroTurnaround, InfoQ, SourceGraph, and AppHarbor. He is the author of three books on Java, including OReilly's Java Web Services.

Blog: http://eclipse.org/che

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The Rise of Cloud Development - The Growth and Future of Eclipse Che - Next Generation Eclipse IDE


We are witnessing the death of localhost and the rise of cloud development. Developing in the cloud provides one-click environments, better team onboarding and collaboration, and the introduction of workspace platforms to improve agile workflows.

Eclipse Che - a developer workspace server and next-generation Eclipse IDE has become a leading platform in this movement. In nine months since its launch, it's gathered 3200 GitHub stars, 15K downloads / week, and nearly 100 contributors from companies including Codenvy, Red Hat, Microsoft, IBM, Bitnami, Samsung, SAP, and Docker.

In this session, we'll discuss the market forces driving companies to adopt cloud development, the dynamic between IT and developers over who controls root access, and the trade offs between Vagrant VMs and Che Workspaces for creating consistent workflows with reproducible environments.

We'll also discuss the Che community, it's contributions from industry leaders, and it's upcoming roadmap around teams, distributed workspaces, and modernizing agile.