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Will Sargent works on the Play team at Lightbend. He has a background as consultant, trainer, and general technical problem solver with a focus on web applications. He also has a Docker Cheat Sheet that is quite popular, and enjoys playing with odd Java security features.

Blog: https://tersesystems.com

ssj Server Side Java

Best Practices in Reactive Application with Java 1.8 and Play


Confused about reactive web applications? Unsure how buzzwords translate into practice? You can come see a Reactive web application built before your eyes, using standard Java 1.8 classes and the Play Framework.

In this presentation, we will walk you through how to put together a non-blocking, asynchronous, event driven application, using a REST API as an example, showing the some of the "gotchas" behind non-blocking APIs, and the best practices to manage them, and the practical differences between small-r "reactive" applications and full on microservice architectures.