AQB-9100 From zero to end-to-end IoT using open source software | Devoxx US

From zero to end-to-end IoT using open source software


mobile Mobile & Embedded

LL 20 B

Wednesday from 10:20 AM til 11:10 AM

Until very recently, the "I" in IoT has been widely overrated, as many solutions were and still are unfortunately very siloed, with little or no open standards and open source involved, making it close to impossible to build a true interoperable Internet of Things. Join this session to understand the key concepts of IoT architectures, all the way from devices, to gateways, to cloud backends, and what open source projects are available today to help you build your IoT solutions.

Benjamin Cabé Benjamin Cabé

Benjamin Cabé, Internet of Things enthusiast and evangelist at the Eclipse Foundation, has years of experience in connecting things, big and small, together. He is advocating the use of open source technologies to build Internet of Things solutions, which led him to cofound the Eclipse IoT Working Group in 2011. This working group has become a thriving community of 25+ open source projects, hundreds of developers, and thousands of users.