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5 things you can do with Maven in Eclipse other IDEs don't want you to know


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Thursday from 4:10 PM til 4:40 PM

...you won't believe #4.

M2E, the Maven Integration plugin for Eclipse has been part of the major Eclipse distributions for a few years now, as expected from any decent Java IDE.

In this heavily demo-focused presentation, we will show what makes m2e different compared to other IDEs, and we will demonstrate a series of little-known features which can really help increase your productivity and allow you to develop great applications with tremendous success.

This talk will feature :

  • the terrific Project conversion mechanism,
  • the dynamic resource filtering, it is really yuuge,
  • the very very strong profile management support,
  • the unbelievable on-the-fly war overlay support,
  • the amazing content assist support in the pom.xml editor
Fred Bricon Fred Bricon

After working as a Java EE consultant for more than 10 years, Fred joined the JBoss Tools team at Red Hat, in 2011, to work on Maven, Project examples and OpenShift tooling in Eclipse. More recently his work focussed on implementing a universal Java Language Server and its integration in Visual Studio Code.

Fred has been contributing to several Open Source projects, including, notably, at the Eclipse Foundation: - Maven Integration for Eclipse Web Tools (m2e-wtp): Project Lead - Maven Integration for Eclipse (m2e): Committer - Java Development Toolkit: Language Server: Committer

Fred has presented several talks at Eclipse conferences in Europe, the US and India.