BPX-7320 Great tools for engineers: 6 years of Gradle at LinkedIn | Devoxx US

Great tools for engineers: 6 years of Gradle at LinkedIn


method_archi Methodology & Architecture

LL 20 B

Wednesday from 12:20 PM til 1:10 PM

Learn how Gradle became the heart of project automation at LinkedIn, serving all engineering teams across disparate technology stacks. Converging automation infrastructure on Gradle enables LinkedIn engineering to scale. Highlights:

  • developer productivity
  • consistent dependencies
  • version lifecycle
  • semantic versioning validation

Learn from Szczepan Faber of LinkedIn Gradle Foundation Team, tech lead of Development Tools. Szczepan was core developer of Gradle 1.x and 2.x and pioneers Gradle automation at LinkedIn since 2011.

Szczepan Faber Szczepan Faber
  • Creator of great tools for engineers
  • Founder of Mockito framework (http://mockito.org)
  • Core engineer of Gradle 1.x and 2.x. (http://gradle.org)
  • Tech Lead of Development Tools & Craftsmanship at LinkedIn
  • Obsessed with software quality (via clean tests!!!) and continuous delivery (via Gradle automation!!!)

http://mockito.org https://github.com/szczepiq https://www.linkedin.com/in/szczepiq/recent-activity/posts/