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Hands On 3 Ways To Do Anything in Docker

BOF (Bird of a Feather)

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Docker is 3 years old already and best practices yet to be established. Almost anything in Docker can be done in at least 3 ways. In this fun hands-on session we will show you a lot of three-way alternatives for doing things with Docker: 3 ways to load configurations of containers, 3 ways to manage images, 3 ways to orchestrate containers, 3 ways to discover containers, 3 ways to … you got the idea. We provide the solutions, you compare and vote to select the best one!

Baruch Sadogursky Baruch Sadogursky

Baruch Sadogursky (a.k.a JBaruch) is the Developer Advocate at JFrog. For a living he hangs out with JFrog’s tech leaders, writes code around the JFrog Platform and its ecosystem, and then speaks and blogs about it all. He has been doing this for the last dozen years or so, and enjoys every minute of it.

Baruch is @jbaruch on twitter and mostly blogs on and He is a professional conference speaker on DevOps, Java and Groovy topics, and is a regular at the industry’s most prestigious events including JavaOne (where he was awarded a Rock Star award), DockerCon, Devoxx, DevOps Days, OSCON, Qcon and many others.

Leonid Igolnik Leonid Igolnik

Enterprise application specialist with wide experience in leadership and management of all aspects of software development life cycle across the technology organization: Software Engineering, Quality Assurance and Cloud operations.

Specialties: Setup and refactoring of software development teams. Enterprise software design. High availability applications. Technology due diligence and evaluation. SaaS - software as a service.

Viktor Gamov Viktor Gamov

Viktor Gamov is a Senior Solution Architect at Hazelcast, the leading open-source in-memory data grid (IMDG). Viktor has comprehensive knowledge and expertise in enterprise application architecture leveraging open source technologies. He has helped leading organizations build low latency, scalable and highly available distributed systems. He is co-organizer of Princeton JUG and New York Hazelcast User Group. He is a co-author of O’Reilly's “Enterprise Web Development”. Viktor’s presenting at the conferences(, blogging and producing a podcast. Follow Viktor on Twitter @gamussa.