CPY-3818 Working with Exoplayer | Devoxx US

Working with Exoplayer

BOF (Bird of a Feather)

mobile Mobile & Embedded

LL 20 C

Tuesday from 7:30 PM til 8:30 PM

In this talk I will talk about our transition from MediaPlayer to ExoPlayer here at Udemy. I will cover the basics of how to start implementing a working ExoPlayer solution with MP4s and HLS videos, and dive further into how we extended ExoPlayer and how we implemented advanced video features with ExoPlayer such as: Background playing, variable speed changes, subtitles and manual and automatic video playing resolutions in HLS and MP4s. ExoPlayer just released V2, so I will also cover V1 to V2 migration and getting started with V2.

Effie Barak Effie Barak

I work at Udemy as a Senior Android developer on the mobile team, responsible for the Android app development.

I began working as a C# developer 10 years ago. I became a mobile developer 4 years ago, and released many Windows and Windows Phone apps. After moving to San Francisco in 2013, I worked for Slack on the Windows Phone app.