GIX-1087 Lean and Easy IoT Applications with OSGi and Eclipse Concierge | Devoxx US

Lean and Easy IoT Applications with OSGi and Eclipse Concierge


mobile Mobile & Embedded

LL 21 C

Tuesday from 2:00 PM til 2:50 PM

Modularization of software is key to handling the inherent complexity of distributed applications like for the Internet of Things (IoT) and provide a flexible environment to evolve applications and manage their deployment effectively. OSGi is a popular framework for dynamic modules for the Java language. Eclipse Concierge provides a clean, small and lightweight implementation of the OSGi core framework specification, specifically tailored to embedded systems and IoT. In this talk, we will cover how to use and deploy the Concierge OSGi framework, demonstrate its advantages based on benchmarks and use cases, and discuss many of the new and upcoming features in the Concierge project such as the OSGi REST interface and Cloud Ecosystems reference implementations.

Jan Rellermeyer Jan Rellermeyer

Jan S. Rellermeyer received his MSc CS in Distributed Systems from ETH Z├╝rich, Switzerland, in 2006 and his PhD in Computer Science in the Systems Group at ETH in 2011. After graduation, Jan joined IBM Research in Austin, TX where he works as a research scientist in the Optimized Systems Group. His research interests revolve around systems, software, big data, and programming languages for modern hardware. Jan is a member of ACM SIGMOD, ACM SIGSOFT, the IEEE Computer Society, and EuroSys.