GRM-2849 Docker for developers and ops: what's new and what's next | Devoxx US
cloud Cloud, Containers & Infrastructure

LL 20 A

Wednesday from 10:20 AM til 11:10 AM

The Docker open source projects moves very fast, with a release every 2 months. In June, with Docker 1.12, we introduced orchestration features in Docker. In March for Devoxx US, we should be a few versions later and many new feature will probably have been introduced. This talk will be about what's new in Docker, and what's next on the roadmap at that time, with examples and hands-on demos.

Patrick chanezon Patrick chanezon

Patrick Chanezon is member of technical staff at Docker Inc. He helps to build Docker, an open platform for distributed applications for developers and sysadmins. Software developer and storyteller, he spent 10 years building platforms at Netscape & Sun, then 10 years evangelizing platforms at Google, VMware & Microsoft. His main professional interest is in building and kickstarting the network effect for these wondrous two-sided markets called Platforms. He has worked on platforms for Portals, Ads, Commerce, Social, Web, Distributed Apps, and Cloud.