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Binge-streaming your Web API


web Modern Web

Grand Ballroom 220 C

Tuesday from 5:30 PM til 6:00 PM

In a fast-paced fashion, to keep you awake after long University sessions, Audrey and Guillaume will set you up to create a Web API using Google Cloud Endpoints, and stream the content of the API in real-time with After a quick introduction to both technologies, they’ll build together both the backend and the front-end to interact live with the audience, through the Web or via a mobile app.

Audrey Neveu Audrey Neveu

Audrey is Developer Relations at She’s a passion driven developer with experience in both web frontend and backend development, specialised in APIs and BigData. Heavily involved in the European wide Java Community, she’s part of Devoxx4Kids, a not-for-profit global initiative to get children coding.

Guillaume Laforge Guillaume Laforge

Developer Advocate at Google for Google Cloud Platform, and PMC chair of the Apache Groovy programming language project.