IEX-9139 Modern User Interfaces with SWT and Eclipse 4 | Devoxx US

Modern User Interfaces with SWT and Eclipse 4

Hands-on Labs

java Java Language

LL 20 C

Thursday from 1:50 PM til 4:50 PM

This talk will give an overview about customizing the user interface of Eclipse 4 RCP applications. Nowadays the demand for customized modern UIs is increasing and the SWT approach to use widgets of the operating system is not always desired or at least needs some customization for the customers. And sometimes even new widgets have to be implemented, which do not exist, yet. Due to that topics like custom SWT widgets, customizing Eclipse 4 model renderer and general tips and tricks will be discussed.

General topics will be:

  • How to create custom SWT widgets
  • Implementing CSS support for custom SWT widgets
  • Customizing existing Eclipse 4 SWT renderers
  • Writing your own Eclipse 4 renderers
  • What else is possible
  • Tips, tricks and how to avoid pit falls

It is great and useful to know the UI toolkit and rendering possibilities to get the best out of it. You'll be surprised by the great styling and rendering capabilities of SWT and Eclipse 4.

The Eclipse IDE and the "Eclipse e4 Tools Developer Resources", which can be obtained from the official releases update site, like "", should be installed for the hands on exercises.

Simon Scholz Simon Scholz

Simon is an expert Eclipse developer, architect and consultant. He is an active comitter in different Eclipse Projects and other open source projects.

Besides his Eclipse knowledge, Simon has deep experience developing web applications based on HTML, CSS, JavaScript and the Spring framework. This also includes the integration of these web applications with Eclipse RCP applications.

Simon delivers training classes about Eclipse RCP, design patterns and OOP principles, Java and JavaScript. He is always curious about new programming technologies and ambitious to select the best fitting technology for customer projects. He is also regulary writing articles for it magazines, blogs and newsletters and is a speaker at different conferences.