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Your first Application/Plugin based on Eclipse - FAQ


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Wednesday from 10:20 AM til 11:10 AM

The Eclipse Platform is a mature and powerful framework for building tools and applications . The modular architecture and hundreds of open source frameworks available for use can significantly reduce the cost of an implementation project. However, Eclipse is also known to add new and sometimes complex concepts to the standard Java world, which might not be known from the start. This can lead to some frustration, non-optimal architectural decisions and therefore some unnecessary additional effort. From our experience in various Eclipse-based projects, we observe a number of frequently recurring questions and issues such as: When should we use Eclipse as a platform and when not? Eclipse 3.x vs e4? What is OSGi? Which additional technologies to use? In this talk, we will highlight the most important issues to consider and pitfalls to avoid. The session is certainly not long enough to cover all these critical issues in detail, our goal is to give an overview of the frequently asked questions and create an awareness for the most common issues. We will provide some blueprint solutions, guidelines, and initial pointers for where to get more information and how to address them in detail.

Jonas Helming Jonas Helming

Dr. Jonas Helming is General Manager of EclipseSource Munich as well as consultant, trainer and software engineer. His focus is on Java, UI Modeling, Eclipse RCP, Eclipse Modeling and Eclipse 4. Besides many articles he published a book about the Eclipse SDK. Jonas is an active member of the Eclipse community. He has the lead of two Eclipse projects and is involved in many others, such as e4. In 2013, he won the Eclipse Top-Newcomer Evangelist award. He regularly speaks at conferences such as Jax, OOP, WJax and EclipseCon.