KON-0073 Connecting Oceans with Project Panama: A Journey into Native | Devoxx US

Connecting Oceans with Project Panama: A Journey into Native

BOF (Bird of a Feather)

ssj Server Side Java

LL 21 A

Wednesday from 9:00 PM til 10:00 PM

Ever had to implement a JNI library? If so, we feel sorry for you. In case you haven’t, this session outlines why you will never have to. Project Panama is looking at significantly improving and enriching the security, performance, and simplicity of interoperating with native “foreign” functions and data without having to write a single line of C/C++ code. The presentation covers the motivation behind the project, the building blocks making up the actual implementation, as well as the latest/greatest status of the project. There will be code examples and demos.

John Rose John Rose

Lead or guide for Project Panama (native interconnect), the Da Vinci Machine Project (JVM futures), Project Valhalla (polymorphism and value types), Arrays 2.0, Metropolis (Java-on-Java RI), JVM security.

Has worked on Java technology at Sun then Oracle since 1995, contributing widely to functionality and performance of the Sun/JDK stack, touching everything from hardware architecture to code generators to libraries to programming languages.

Past projects include JVM invokedynamic, Java inner classes, Pack200 (archive format), the initial port of HotSpot (to SPARC), the Unsafe API, and various dynamic, parallel, and hybrid languages, including Common Lisp, Scheme (“esh”), dynamic bindings for C++.

Paul Sandoz Paul Sandoz

A reformed RESTerfarian who previously co-led JAX-RS and led the implementation Jersey, who moved up into the clouds with the industrious bees of CloudBees, and then boomeranged back to Oracle and deep down into the Java stack.