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Contributing to Open Source


method_archi Methodology & Architecture

LL 21 B

Wednesday from 1:20 PM til 1:35 PM

Virtually all software developers use open source software, but only a subset of them actually contributes back. The very best sort of contribution to an open source project is a patch with tests for a documented issue, but getting to that point requires some navigation skills. You need to get connected to the community and learn how it works, including obvious things such as coding standards and style and less obvious things such as sorting out how to get the existing project team to invest in you. You need to understand your rights and responsibilities, licensing and copyright concerns, contributor license agreements, and more. This session covers these topics and others to help you get more directly involved in open source software.

Wayne Beaton Wayne Beaton

Wayne is the Director of Open Source Projects at the Eclipse Foundation. He started writing software in 1983 on an Apple ][+, learned object-oriented programming and Smalltalk in 1987, and was an early adopter of Java. Wayne is a content review committee member for Devoxx and JavaOne, is a long time contributor to Eclipse open source projects, and regular presenter at JavaOne, JavaPolis/Devoxx, JAX, and EclipseCon. In 1982, he received the prestigious Chief Scouts Award from then-Governor General Edward Schreyer. In 1984 his team was selected to represent beautiful British Columbia in the Kinsmen Voyageur Relay. In his spare time, he writes down meaningless accomplishments from his youth in a lame attempt to impress the reader.

Gunnar Wagenknecht Gunnar Wagenknecht

Gunnar currently works in the Platform Services group at Salesforce. Prior to Salesforce he was responsible for Tasktop’s Open Source Program and Engineering Effectiveness. Before Tasktop he lead the development and operation of a multi-tenant, worldwide e-commerce platform serving millions of transactions each day. He also is a prolific contributor with many years of experience in the Eclipse Open Source Community where he has been awarded with the Lifetime Contribution Award. Apart from software and computers he loves chatting about fishing, diving and other things that matters over a good beer or a glass of wine.