MFI-9038 Making the Most of Java SE with CDI 2.0 | Devoxx US

Making the Most of Java SE with CDI 2.0


ssj Server Side Java

LL 20 D

Thursday from 2:50 PM til 3:20 PM

Contexts and Dependency Injection for the Java EE has been around since Java EE 6. It provides a true programming model for Java EE, beyond what EJB was providing. It began the work for the modern development patterns that would be coming forth - JAX-RS and REST APIs, WebSockets.

CDI 2.0 introduces a new programming model that is Java SE compliant. This session will show you how you can leverage it to build great applications using an EE technology in your SE applications.

John Ament John Ament

I'm a software architect located in Central NJ, focused heavily on server side Java and Cloud computing.