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Migrating to Java 9 modules


java Java Language

LL 21 B

Tuesday from 4:30 PM til 5:20 PM

Java 9 comes to your doorstep with major changes to all of us, whether you ordered it or not. The module system in Java 9 is a great advancement for the Java language, and we would like to migrate existing code to make use of the module system. Migrating an exiting code base from the classpath to any kind of module system can be a daunting task however. Not only do we have to take care of migrating our own code to modules, we also have to take third party libraries into consideration.

Java 9 comes with a number of features to ease migration. This includes automatic modules, the unnamed module and a number of command line arguments. While these features provide great value, they do require deep understanding of the module system to use them to their full potential.

In this talk we will look at examples of migrating real code, based on a Spring/Hibernate application. We will face common problems we run into during migration, which gives us practical tips to apply, but also a good understanding of the module framework itself and the various migration features it supports. This talk is an excellent preparation to start migrating your own code.

Paul Bakker Paul Bakker

Paul is a senior software engineer with Netflix in the Edge Developer Experience team. Besides loving to write code he has a passion for sharing knowledge. He is the co-author of "Java 9 Modularity" that will be published by O'Reilly in 2017, and the co-author of "Modular Cloud Apps with OSGi" which was published by O'Reilly in 2013. Paul is also frequently speaking at conferences about Modularity, container technology and many other topics.