PZJ-7772 Eclipse JDT Embraces Java 9 - An Insider's view | Devoxx US
java Java Language

Grand Ballroom 220B

Thursday from 4:10 PM til 4:40 PM

Eclipse Java Development Tooling or JDT has its own Java compiler at its core, aptly called the JDT Core consisting of the Java compiler and various tools including java model, search infrastructure, content assist, Abstract Syntax Tree Tools etc. Java 9 is the latest entry in the Java world bringing along-with it a "module" of changes - so to speak. Any change in the language standards affects JDT directly. While some of the earlier language specification changes affected only the compiler, Java 9, in contrast, has a direct impact on user who uses Eclipse IDE for creating and managing Java Projects. Java 9 introduces the concept of "Modules" which affects JDT from the compiler level to the project dependency layer affecting a normal user. Support for this feature will be dealt with, in detail, in this talk.

This talk would start with a brief overview of the Java 9 features especially the "module" feature that have direct impact on Eclipse users, describe the JDT support for features, touch upon some of the design aspects, and would conclude with a demo of Eclipse JDT for Java 9.

Manoj Palat Manoj Palat

Eclipse JDT Core Committer - works at IBM in the Eclipse Team. Prior to IBM worked in other companies including a startup in program analysis domain. Holds a masters and bachelors degree in Computer Science.