QWW-0217 Serverless Landscape in 2017 | Devoxx US

Serverless Landscape in 2017


cloud Cloud, Containers & Infrastructure

LL 21 C

Wednesday from 11:20 AM til 12:10 PM

Servereless, like most new paradigms, still has best practices to discover. It’s being used for everything from big data processing and web applications to IoT and mobile backends. In this talk we’ll warm up with a quick livecoding exercise to familiarize ourselves with AWS Lambda. Next we’ll discuss some best practices for serverlesss by reviewing three different serverless applications: A simple and low traffic GET based API, a high traffic and transactional REST API, and a high throughput financial validation and processing pipeline. At the end of this session you should feel confident about determining what portions of your infrastructure might benefit from a serverless model.

Randall Hunt Randall Hunt

Randall Hunt is a Technical Evangelist and Software Engineer at Amazon Web Services in Los Angeles. Python is his favorite language but he can sometimes be found in the dark realm of C++. Randall is the author of gitshots, apodtwitter, isthe7running, as well as a contributor to MongoDB, Homebrew, boto and many other open source tools and libraries. He used to launch rockets at NASA and SpaceX but found his programming passion at MongoDB. He is a total space nerd.